Corporate Secretary

Kovaleva Natalya

Was born in 1972

In 1996 she graduated from the Irkutsk State University, with a major in Law, qualification - a lawyer.

By the decision of the Board of Directors dated November 11, 2016 she was appointed Corporate Secretary of the Company (Minutes No. 243 of November 14, 2016).

Currently, she holds the position of deputy director of the Corporate Governance and Assets Management Department, a corporate secretary whose main duties include participation in organising the preparation and holding of General Meetings of Shareholders and ensuring the work of the Board of Directors and its Committees, as well as ensuring the interaction of the Company with its shareholders and participation in the prevention of corporate conflicts.

Also, as of December 31, 2017, she was a member of the Board of Directors in the following companies:

  • Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP JSC;
  • CJSC Boguchansky Aluminum Smelter;
  • JSC Malaya Dmitrovka;
  • OJSC Sakhalin Municipal Company;
  • Chuvash Energy Retail Company JSC.

Until 2016, she held the position of an advisor to the First Deputy CEO of the Company.

From 2010 to 2015 she worked as the Director of the Corporate Management Department of PJSC MOESK.

Has no shares in the Company (including indirectly). In the reporting year, she made no transactions with the shares of the Company.

The Company and the Group companies did not issue loans to Kovaleva N.G.

In 2017 there was no conflict of interest.