Programme of modernization, technical rehabilitation and repairs

Comprehensive modernization programme

A significant number of powerful hydroelectric power plants were comissioned in the 1950s and 1960s, and by the early 2000s, there was a need to upgrade and replace existing equipment. Due to the economic difficulties of those years, it was not possible to replace obsolete and worned-down equipment; hence, PJSC RusHydro had to resort to periodic repairs and the replacement of separate units.

Since the middle of the 2000s, a number of stations of PJSC RusHydro had their equipment replaced, but the pace of asset renewal did not allow breaking the trend of aging HPP equipment as a whole.

In December 2011, the Board of Directors of the Company approved the Programme for the comprehensive modernization of generating facilities of PJSC RusHydro (PCM), designed for the period through 2025.

PCM is a unique project for the upgrade of generating facilities in the energy sector.

As part of the RusHydro Programme, it is planned to replace more than half of the main equipment at HPPs:

  • 154 turbines (55% of the total number of turbines),
  • 119 generators (42% of the total number of generators);
  • 176 transformers (61% of the total number of transformers);
  • 396 high voltage switches;
  • ~ 8 thousand units of secondary switching equipment;
  • more than 4,000 units of auxiliary equipment;
  • in addition, it is planned to perform the reconstruction of hydraulic structures.

The key requirement of the Comprehensive Modernization Programme is the lack of units of basic generating equipment with an expiry safe operation period before 2025.

Main results of PCM PJSC RusHydro
2017 2018 (forecast)
Equipment, units
Turbines 18 7
Generators 10 5
Transformers 2 11
High voltage switches 23 21
Hydraulic structures 11 38
Secondary switching equipment 608 481
Auxiliary equipment 578 265
Increase of installed capacity, MW
Zhigulevskaya HPP 21.0 10.5
Volzhskaya HPP 10.5 10.0
Saratovskaya HPP 6.0 6.0
Novosibirskaya HPP 5.0 5.0
Votkinskaya HPP 0.0 15.0
Cascade of Verkhnevolzhskiye HPPs 0.0 10.0
Total 42.5 46.5
Index of the status of groups of main equipment, %
Turbine 76.50
Generators 77.25
Transformers 67.92

Technical Rehabilitation and Modernization Programme

The Technical Rehabilitation and Modernization Programme (further – TR&M programme) is based on a comprehensive modernization programme. It aims to maintain the proper operating condition of the equipment and to introduce new capacities into production, but, unlike PСM, it implies a replacement of the equipment with analogues with improved performance at RusHydro’s facilities. TR&M also suggests the extension of the standard operating life of the main generating equipment, reduction of production costs, and the increase of the efficiency of stations.

The programme of technical rehabilitation and modernisation of RAO ES East Subgroup is part of the investment programme of the Subgroup and is connected with the need to maintain the reliability of all technological facilities in the long term. Development and implementation of the programme takes place within the framework set by the technical policy of RusHydro Group.

As a result of RAO ES East Subgroup TR&M programme:

  • 1.3 MW of new capacity commissioning;
  • 17.2 km of heat lines commissioning;
  • 189.82 km of overhead power lines.

Main types of work on TR&M programme RAO ES East Subgroup
Company Name Events
JSC DGK Transition of boiler No. 8 to gas
PJSC Magadanenergo Reconstruction of substations 220 kV "Orotukan", "Palatka", "Centralnaya"
PJSC Sahalinenergo Development of Sports Complex "Mountain Air" (reconstruction)
JSC Chukotenergo Transition of Anadyr CHP to gas
Main types of work on Technical rehabilitation and modernization
Branch Results of 2017 year
Volzskaya HPP
  • Replacement of hydroturbines and hydrogenerators No. 1, 2
  • Work was done on the construction of the building of the remote control room at 220 kV outdoor switchgear
Votkinskaya HPP
  • Replacement of the hydroturbine and hydrogenerator hydroelectric units No. 4
Zhigulevskaya HPP
  • The project on the reconstruction of hydroelectric power units with the replacement of hydro-turbines and the modernization of hydrogenerators was completed. In 2017, the plant was put into operation No. 8, 11, 20
Kamskaya HPP
  • Construction of laboratory building of Kamskaya HPP was completed
Verhnevolzhskiye HPPs Cascade
  • Reconstruction of hydraulic unit No. 1
Nizhegorodskaya HPP
  • Works on the manufacturing and the supply of hydro turbines, hydrogenerators and automatic control systems of hydroelectric unit No. 1
Saratovskaya HPP
  • Replacement of hydroturbine No. 13
Cheboksarskaya HPP
  • Modernization of hydroturbines No. 5, 17 - transition from a propeller mode to a normal mode (adjustable runner blades mode)
Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP
  • Replacement of excitation systems of hydro generators No. 1-3
  • Reconstruction and replacement of lifting equipment, the replacement of cranes
Bureyskaya HPP
  • Modernization of turbine No. 5 by mounting the stabilizing device
Zeiskaya HPP
  • Reconstruction of the 500/220 kV switchyard
Novosibirskaya HPP
  • Replacement of hydroturbine No. 3
  • Reconstruction of the HPP Dam was completed
Cascade Kubanskiye HPPs
  • Development of working documentation for the modernization of PSP, HPP-2 of Sengileevskaja HPP
Dagestan Branch
  • Modernization of hydro turbine equipment hydroelectric unit No. 1 Miatlinskaja HPP – it was replaced and its replacement led toan increase in rated power of 10 MW and a working wheel camera
Karachayevo-Cherckesia Branch
  • Creation of a duplicate communication channel with the main control Panel of Cascade of Kuban HPP
  • Server upgrade
Kabardino-Balkaria Branch
  • Modernization of the station system of the top level of automated control system for the technological process of electricity generation
North Ossetia Branch
  • The construction of the Yezminskaya HPP canal was completed, bypassing the main structures with the additional sump
Zagorskaya PSP
  • Replacement of arching cameras gas-insulated switches FKG2S
  • Modernization of an automated measurement system of commercial electricity accounting
Implementation of the TR&M programme by RAO ES East Subgroup, thousand rubles, without VAT
Company Name 2016 2017
JSC DGK 4,636.07 2,638.06
PJSC Kamchatskenergo 759.78 394.64
JSC SENK 372.30 59.75
PJSC Magadanenergo 1,050.41 763.56
JSC Chukotenergo 313.70 139.93
PJSC Sahalinenergo 1,333.60 849.61
JSC DRSK 726.80 2,243.95
PJSC Peredvizhnaya Energetika 56.05 56.43
PJSC Yakutskenergo 1,746.30 439.38
JSC Sahaenergo 328.40 62.06
JSC Teploenergoservis 129.90 82.27
Expenses for repair works, TR&M programme, RUB mn
2015 2016 2017 2018 (Plan)
PJSC RusHydro and PJSC RusHydro’s controlled companies except RAO ES East Subgroup
Repair works 3,081 2,748 2,737 2,898
Technical rehabilitation and modernisation 28,560 27,258 27,622 23,008
RAO ES East Subgroup
Repair works 11,227 11,568 12,693 12,993
Technical rehabilitation and modernisation 6,218 7,142 7,729 12,523

In 2018, Rushydro Group planned the increase of installed capacity of PJSC RusHydro by 46.5 MW with help of technical rehabilitation of hydropower facilities:

  • Changing hydroturbines - 7 pcs;
  • Changing hydrogenerators - 5 pcs;
  • Constructing gas-insulated 500 kV switchgear.