Glossary and list of abbreviations


Company, PJSC RusHydro Public Joint-Stock Company Federal Hydrogenerating Company RusHydro, including its branches and executive office
Controlled company A legal entity that is under the direct or indirect control of a controlling person
Controlling person A person who has the right, directly or indirectly (through the persons under his control), to dispose of by virtue of his participation in a controlled organisation and (or) on the basis of trust management agreements, and (or) a simple partnership, and (or) an instruction, and (or) a share agreement , and (or) another agreement, the subject of which is the exercise of rights certified by shares (interests) of the controlled entity, more than 50 percent of the votes in the supreme management body of the controlled entity or the right to appoint (elect) a sole executive body and (or) more than 50 percent of the managerial body of the controlled entity.
Day-Ahead Market The competitive selection of price bids of suppliers and buyers conducted by JSC ATS a day before the actual delivery of electricity with the determination of prices and volumes of delivery for each hour of the day
Energy Efficiency Effective (rational) use of energy resources. Use less energy to provide buildings or manufacturing processes in production with the same level of energy
Generating companies of the wholesale electricity market Companies formed on the base of power plants
Gigacalorie A unit of measurement for heating energy
Gigacalorie-Hour A unit of measurement for heating power
Hydropower plant A power plant as unified production and technological complexes, combining hydro-technical constructions and equipment that transforms mechanical energy from water into electric energy. In the text of the annual report, except when otherwise noted, tidal power plants and pumped storage plants are included as HPPs
Hydro-technical facilities Dams, hydropower plant constructions, spillways, drain and water-discharge constructions, tunnels, channels, pumping stations, navigation locks, boat lifts; buildings used to protect from floods and the destruction of water reservoir shores; dam constructions, protecting the liquid waste reservoirs of production and agricultural organisations; devices that protect against washing-away and other constructions designed to use water resources and to prevent any negative impact from water and liquid waste
Integrated Energy System Aggregated production and other electricity property assets, connected via a unified production process (including production in the form of the combined generation of electrical and heat) and the supply of electrical energy under the conditions of a centralized operating and dispatch management.
Installed capacity Total nominal active capacity of generators at electric power plants which are part of the Group’s structure
JSC RAO UES of Russia The Russian energy company. Full name - Open Joint Stock Company Unified Energy System of Russia. The Company previously united almost all of Russian energy sector companies under its consolidation. JSC RAO UES of Russia ceased to exist as of June 30, 2008 as a result of a comprehensive energy sector reform
Kilowatt-Hour A unit of measurement for produced electricity
Megawatt A unit of measurement for electrical capacity
Pumped storage plants Pump-storage power plants, which works by transforming electricity from other power plants into the potential energy of water; during reverse transformation, accumulated energy is contributed to the energy system primarily to cover deficits that may occur during peak load periods
Renewable energy sources Include: hydro, solar, wind, geo-thermal, hydraulic energy, energy from water currents, waves, tides, the temperature gradient of sea water, temperature differences between air masses and the ocean, heat from the Earth , animal bio-masses and vegetable and household waste
RAO ES East Subgroup JSC RAO ES East, including its controlled companies
Subsidiaries and dependent companies Entities, in which another (main) economic entity due to its majority or greater participation in the charter capital or in accordance with a concluded agreement or in another way, has the opportunity to determine the decisions adopted by said entities.
The RusHydro Group, Group PJSC RusHydro, including its controlled companies
Net supply of electricity Electricity received and paid for by consumers
Wholesale electricity and capacity market Sphere for the turnover of electric energy and capacity within the framework of Russia’s integrated energy system within the country’s unified economic space with the participation of large electricity producers and consumers that have the status of wholesale market objects, confirmed in full accordance with the Russian Federal Law “On the electric power industry” (by the Russian Government). The criteria for including large electricity producers and consumers in the category of large producers and large consumers are also established by the Russian government
Wind electric plants Include two or more wind energy installations designed to convert wind energy into electric energy and its transmission to consumers

List of abbreviations

PJSC RusHydro Public joint-stock company RusHydro, including its branches and executive office
JSC RAO ES East Joint-stock company RAO Energy Systems of the East
APAC Asian-Pacific Region
AGM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
CHPP Combined heat and power plant
CCA Competitive capacity auction
CME Control and measuring equipment
DAM Day-Ahead Market
FEC Fuel and Energy Complex
FEFD Far Eastern Federal District
Gcal Gigacalorie
Gcal/h Gigacalorie-Hour
HPP Hydropower plant
HS Hydraulic structure
IES Integrated Energy System
KPIs Key performance indicators
kWh Kilowatt-Hour
LDP Long-term Development Programme
MW Megawatt
MPP Mobile Power Plant
PSP Pumped storage plant
R&D Research and development
REM Retail energy market
RES Renewable energy sources
SD Sustainable development
GRES A condenser type electricity-only thermal power plant
SPP Solar power plant
TPP Thermal power plant
TR&M programme Technical rehabilitation and modernisation programme
VGP Value growth plan
VNIIG The B.E. Vedeneev All Russia Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
WECM Wholesale electricity and capacity market
WPP Wind electric plants