Tables of compliance with IIRC Integrated Reporting Framework (IR)

The reflection in the report of the fundamental concepts of <IR>
Fundamental concepts Used / not used
Creating value for the organisation and stakeholders Used
Capitals Used
Value creation Used

Conformity of the report with the core principles of the <IR>Standard
Leading principles Corresponds / does not correspond
Strategic focus and future orientation Corresponds
Connectivity of information Corresponds
Stakeholder relationships Corresponds
Materiality Corresponds
Conciseness Corresponds
Reliability and completeness Corresponds
Constancy and comparability Corresponds

The presence in the report of the content elements of the <IR>
Content elements Report section
Organisation overview and external environment Markets
Management Corporate governance
Business model Business model
Risks and opportunities Risks and opportunities
Strategy and resource allocation Strategy and its implementation
Performance Results of activities
Outlook About the Company, Key financial indicators, Import substitution